Johannes Sattler
3D Artist / modeling / texturing / rendering / engine

Johannes Sattler

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Modelling: hardsurface / UV / sculpting / optimized

  • proficient in hard surface modeling creating realistic and detailed assets that fit the performance expectation – able to bake in different software: 3Ds Max / X-normal / Painter / Designer / Quixel
  • sculpting for high poly creation in Z-Brush, retopology in Max

Texturing: realistic / stylised / procedual / traditional

  • capable of creating realistic looking textures & materials in a PBR metal & roughness workflow – alpha creation in Photoshop or Substance Designer

Rendering: shader / lighting / level creation / implementation

  • strong in creating real-time environments with custom shaders and atmospheric lighting – basic knowledge with raytracers like V-Ray / Cycles


3D Artist / modeling / texturing / rendering / engine
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