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Pack-photo is a commercial photography company specialising in studio and Pack photography. Pack-photo provides great value pack shots of professional quality.

Companies service includes: Photography, retouching, post-production and file management.

Pack-photo work from studio’s in the Northwest but can travel nationally also. Clients range from Advertising agencies, editorial clients or working directly with businesses.

Depending on the shots required Pack-photo can bring a studio set-up to your business premises if required. There is no extra charge for this only expenses.

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With studio’s and fully qualified staff, the photographers are able to offer a professional Photography service to businesses. The service is intended to be great value and quality, enabling clients to increase revenue.

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The business delivers a wide range of images that are tailored to requirements and can help keep costs to a minimum, making them suitable for a wide range of businesses.

Product shot
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Ball Bearings
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Wooden hands
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