Thinkdesign, Designthink. A Graphic Design Course

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Jorge Chamorro

Chamorro, Jorge



22nd April – 17th July
Tuesdays and Thursdays
19:15 – 21:15 hours


ESDIP Berlin
Grünbergerstr. 48 (Höfe)
10245 Berlin


Designing is basically thinking. Good design responds to a deep intellectual process, an effective communicative solution is not to make “pretty things”. It is much more complicated and much more exciting. The main objective of this course is therefore that students think. Teaching is not just about aesthetic foundations or software and tools, it is about thinking, designing and implementing visual communication projects with solvency, with enthusiasm, with commitment for a job well done and with own criteria.


To learn design you have to design. The connecting threat of the course is the execution of different graphic design projects and the subsequent collective analysis. Thus, the student will develop their creative and analytical capacities. And at the end of the course will have a portfolio much more worthy than a résumé. This does not mean that the theory is shelved. On the contrary, it will deepen in the history of art and thought, and, of course, in the disciplines of graphic design. Talk about concept, composition, typography, identity, editorial design, signage. There will be a final project in which each student will design their own corporate identity.


For anyone who loves graphic design, communication and art. For those who want to develop as a designer and a creative. No matter the level. The more variety, the more we all will learn. It may come my nephew and Erik Spiekermann. That would be perfect.


Jorge Chamorro (Madrid, 1972) is a graphic designer, teacher and collagist. He worked as a graphic designer for several studios and agencies, until he set up his own studio in Madrid in 2005, where he develops communication projects for different clients. He combines his work as a designer with teaching graphic design and workshop about creativity. Besides designing and teaching, he develops artistic projects, mainly collages. He has exhibited regularly in a variety of venues and his work has been published in many national and inter- national media.


350 Euros (taxes are included)
Payment must be done in advance

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