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Public Relations, Interne, Externe Kommunikation, Community Management


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My name is Laura Estefanía Lopez, from Bilbao, Spain and I am a 1st year student of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Navarra.
I want to make a volunteer internship during july 2014 in Munich.

My interest at Advertising lies not only on its international status as a job, but also on its competitivness and work ethics. I think of the opportunity of working with you as a very positive experience for me, as well as for many other young entrepreneurs, for adquiring a global and practical vision at the field of Advertising and Public Relations.
Since I was little I have writing and idiomatic skills. Thanks to the academic training at the German School of Bilbao I have improved my knowledge of diverse languages and learned to value different cultures. Spanish is my mother tongue, but I can talk and write English, German, French and Basque. When I graduated from high school last year I obtained the german certificate “Abitur”.
I have enjoyed being part of the conflict mediation team, as well as contributing to other international projects, such as the “Comenius Project”, obtaining later the “Intercultural Driving License”.
Currently, I am part of the International Committee, the Event management of the UNMUN (University of Navarre Model of the United Nations) and the Entrepeneur Club in the University of Navarre.
I am characterized for being a curious and dynamic person, always willing to learn something new. I am also able to relate with other people.
Working with your team means a great opportunity to me for contributing with new ideas and improving my team working skills. I could also develop my abilities as future professional of communication.


Public Relations, Interne, Externe Kommunikation, Community Management
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